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**  Greetings - hello from the JSY owner.

***  5 Reasons - why shopping at JSY  is best.

***  HOTSTUFF: <== the latest news & trends.

***  Classes: professional/fun, Sign up early!

***  Yarns - 85+ Vendors.  Great variety & colors.

***  Accessories - all kinds, shapes and sizes.

***  Patterns - Books/Singles/Huge Selection.

***  Needles - DP/Straights/Circular/Hook/Kit.

***  Shop Location - best ways to get here.

***  Special Features-shopping is easier.

***  YOU - JSY means ... it's a Joy Serving You.

***  Join - our Knitting/Crocheting community.





*** YARN CRAWL 2015


AUGUST 21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30!  

More information will follow. Please visit us to find out all the details. This is going to be a great one for 2015.



*** FIBER FEST 2015!


WOW! What a wonderful turnout at this years Fest. Thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you next year too. 



*** Etsy shop: CinchIt


ETSY (a store front for small business) has a new shop called CINCHIT.  It belongs to an avid Fort Worth specialist who will

custom make project bags for you:


by Wanda Styrsky

Click picture:



*** Annual Stuff: 


  * CLP (Customer Loyalty Program)



  * CHEMO CAPS for JPS Cancer Center.

  * BI-Annual ARTS GOGGLE weekends.

  * Timely Sales and events.

  * We're planning to make our new

     ideas come to life all the time...

Just for YOU!




1st day of business in 2003


 * Friendly & Caring personal attention

 * Professional 1-on-1 Classes

 * Scheduled Saturday Classes

 * Personal Services (i.e..-hanks rolled for free!)

 * 10% Discount for $ENIOR$ and Guilds

 * GIFT CERTIFICATES in any amount

 * Donate CHEMO CAPS to JPS Cancer-Center.

 * Sunday SOCIALS (3rd Sun of every mo. @ JSY @ 3pm)

 * Customer WISH BOOK (start your list)

 * Merchandise: 85+ Vendors world-wide

 * Large Pattern Library (books + binders)

 * Custom Fit Sweater Designing

 * Cozy & Comfortable w/Training room

 * Easy & Free Parking

 * Clean Restrooms


    ... and on this website, there are ...



 * NO ANIMATIONS (well...maybe?)




Looking north at the Bicocchi Bldg in 1956 


Looking south at the Bicocchi Bldg in 1956



Looking toward downtown Fort Worth - 1956


Looking toward downtown Fort Worth - 2007








    My name is Linda and I am the proud owner of JenningStreet Yarns  since 2003!


Above all else, we (those who work here and those who have already shopped here) want 

YOU to know that YOU are the primary reason we are here in the first place ... to listen and 

to serve YOU.  It's our passion and our cornerstone!


     Ask around and you will discover that you can count on JSY.  We work hard for you to

succeed with each and  every knitting/crocheting project.


     We also want you to be comfortable and feel right at home the whole time:

        * come in and knit-a-spell if you want ... or 

        * schedule a 1-on-1 professional session ... or

        * sign up for Scheduled Weekday and/or Saturday Classes ... or

        * ask any questions you need answered ... or

        * look around and discover what we have done to our shop lately ... or

        * browse our yarns, extensive pattern library and supportive accessories ... or

        * stop by and say "Hello!", just to let us know you're still knitting and crocheting.




4 GREAT reasons to shop only at  JSY

     Those who have shopped with us have already discovered why they keep coming back.  

But for those of you who have never been here before...well, to help you understand, 

please take some time to read the following reasons.


( 1.   2.   3.   4.   5. ) 


 Reason 1. "Where SERVICE is as good as Gold"


  It's our motto and the cornerstone of all we do at our shop.

  For every customer, the focus is solely on making their shopping experience the

  best possible.  Since age 7, knitting and crocheting have been my only true love

  (sorry Ric).  You must know that you can trust us to help you with all of your

  knitting/crocheting needs.  Come in person, phone (817-878-2740), send snail

  mail or send an email and leave the rest to us to ensure you receive the very

  best in care and service.  We will go the extra mile for you - every time!


  Your orders can be processed by phone - shipped out within 24 hours.  

This method is better than online ordering.  You get to talk to a REAL PERSON too!




Reason  2.   Finest yarns, patterns & accessories. 


  Long hours of extensive research and plenty of careful planning with experts far

  and wide have yielded what we believe to be one of the best little yarns shops

  in all of Texas.   Not only the Vendors but also their Sales Representatives are the

  very best.  Together,  we strive to reach our goals by listening to all of our

  customers and appreciating their input toward improving our shop and services.





Reason 3.  Comfortable - easier place to shop:


* Ask any question...without fear.  If we don't know the answer...then we'll get help!

* Most of our Yarns are displayed/grouped by color and others by type (i.e.-baby).

* The environment is warm and cozy.

* 2 comfy chairs, a magazine rack and golden floor lamps.

* Tiffany designer wall-lights.  High-intensity lighting on the ceiling.

* Display areas & models. Frequently updated to reflect the latest designs.

* Pattern Library.  Major designers.  Personal collections.  Single-sheet patterns!

* Work table and lamp.  Helps you "bring it all together".

* Training Area.  Ornate antique table seating 8-10 knitters.  

* Antique, full-length mirror.  See how great those finished projects look.

* Pictures.  Wall hangings.  Antique furniture.  Seasonal decorations.

* Scarves. Blankets. Designer Purses. Some available for sale by consignment.

* Microwave. Small 'frig'. TV (no cable). CD player for our videos.

* Free rolling of purchased 'hanks' of yarn using our Swift/Ball Winder.

* Free bottled Ozarka water (hot and cold).

* Free Sample of "Gloves-In-A-Bottle": seriously great hand-care sealer.

* Free Parking!  Jennings Ave.; Daggett St.; and, gated lot (until 5pm).


Is there anything else JSY can do to enhance your shopping time?

Please - don't hesitate to let us know!



Reason 4.  Professional instructions.   


      Learn the skills you want and need regardless of your age or experience level.


      With knitting/crocheting experience for over 55 years coupled with teaching

                professionally for over 45 years...we will get you where you want to go!


      So ..... are you just getting started?

                   ...or... picking up those needles again after a long time off?

                   ...or... stuck on a difficult project?

                   ...or... already an advanced knitter wanting to further your horizons?

     If so, then ...

          ...there are 3 ways that we can help you succeed: 

                             1.  Beginning Knitting & Follow-On to Beginning Knitting

                                   --- every 2nd & 4th Saturday.

                             2.  Pre-Scheduled Classes EVERY SATURDAY for all skill levels:

                                   --- morning (10:30a-12:30p), and afternoon (1:30-3:30p).

                             3.  1-on-1 sessions with a professional knitter/crotchetier :

                                   --- call 817-878-2740 to reserve your personal 1-on-1 time.

                                   --- still the best instructional value anywhere at only $20/hr.



 OPEN until 7pm on Tue-Wed-Thu!






It's all about YOU!


   1. YOU get the ... BEST in CUSTOMER SERVICE.



   4. YOU get a ...    COMFORTABLE PLACE to shop.

   5. YOU get the ... HELP/ANSWERS you want & need.



          it's NOT just about business ...

                                ... it's about being a true passion with us.

          it's NOT just about yarn ...

                                ... it's about service, classes, 1-on-1 sessions, contests, etc.

          it's NOT just another yarn shop ...

                                ... it's about YOU and how we can help YOU succeed!

 Now ..... keeping all of this in mind, how else can JSY help you with your projects?

 If you come up with an idea, a complaint, a praise-worthy event or just anything

    that would help yourself, others or our shop...then please let us know! (







   You're welcome to join our Community!


All information is protected, confidential and not shared.

Data is kept guarded in our Database for the purposes of

sending emails(*), mailing special order packages and/or

notifying our customers of important sales and/or events.

REMEMBER: All emails that you receive from  JSY  will

contain an Opt-Out link at the bottom so that you can

delete, maintain or review your information in the database.

(*) typically, 6-12 emails ... per year!

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